Birthstone Ring, Guld

Håndlavet ringe fra Jukserei i 24K guldbelagt sterlingsølv.

Vælg mellem 12 forskellige sten, én for hver måned. 

Hver måned er kendt for at have sine egne kræfter:
JANUARY/GARNET: Passion, Energy and Health
FEBRUARY/AMETHYST: Trust, Intuition and Spirituality
MARCH/AQUAMARINE: Fluidity, Soothing and Go with the flow
APRIL/CLEAR QUARTZ: Clarity, Manifestation and Focus
MAY/EMERALD: Harmony, Beauty and Security
JUNE/PEACH MOONSTONE: Positivity, Balance and Soothing
JULY/RUBY: Love, Courage and Passion
AUGUST/PERIDOT: Happiness, Confidence and Protection
SEPTEMBER/SAPPHIRE: Loyalty, Strength and Integrity
OCTOBER/OPAL: Good Luck, Self-Awareness and Creativity
NOVEMBER/CITRINE: Happiness, Joy and Light
DECEMBER/TURQUOISE: Health, protection and Wisdom

Ringene findes i 2 størrelser:
Str. 1 (Ring 50, diameter ca. 15,9mm)
Str. 2 (Ring 54, diameter ca, 17,2mm)

Størrelserne kan variere 

Som med alle sten, er der mulighed for at stenene falmer med tiden.

  • 112,50 kr
  • 225,00 kr
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