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JOU QUILTS was founded in Denmark in 2019 by Line Meldgård Hviid. The first collection consisted of quilted tapestries and since then products such as placemats, tea towels, potholders, plaids and small rugs have been added.

JOU QUILTS is a brand with a sustainable mindset, and all quilts are made in a soft, organic cotton. For example, a tapestry can not only be used on the wall, but also as a plaid on the sofa, as a rug on the bed or upcycles for a brand new product.

All products from JOU QUILTS are handmade and thus unique with its small differences. A wealth of colors is used in each collection and Line finds inspiration in the modern, graphic universe of colors and color combinations.

Dækkeserviet lilla/ brun
Ø-Plate Small, Blue Splash
Ø-Plate Small, Blue Splash