Hair accessories

Explore our selection of hair accessories from Pico and Lé Mosch . Here you will find everything for the hair, claws, elastics, hair clips and much more in the finest colors.
Rosamund Hair Clip, Light Yellow
Elly Glitter Claw, Bordo Glitter
Rosamund Hair Clip, Dirty White
Salicia Velor Hairband, Lavender
Petit Ariel Claw, Light pink
Elly Claw, Lavender / White Stripe
Elly Claw, Rose
Salicia Velor Hairband, Nude
Petit Ariel Claw, Cream
Petit Ariel Claw, Powder
Petit Ariel Claw, Light blue
Elly Claw, Lavender
Elly Glitter Claw, Pink Glitter
Elly Glitter Claw, Blue Glitter