Farverige foldekasser fra Aykasa


Colorful folding boxes from Aykasa, for convenient storage throughout the home. With its simple and functional design, the folding boxes can be used for many purposes, including storage of makeup, creams, hair accessories, clothes, magazines or toys. The boxes are available in three sizes and in a sea of ​​colors, so you can choose exactly the ones that fit into your home. They assemble easily and can also be easily folded when not in use. What's not to like <3

Aykasa Midi, Blue Gray
Aykasa Mini, Yellow
Aykasa Midi, Pale Blue
Aykasa Midi, Baby Pink
Aykasa Mini, Boulder
Aykasa Mini, Mustard
Aykasa Mini, Pale Blue
Aykasa Midi, Boulder
Aykasa Mini, Baby Blue
Aykasa Mini, Banana
Aykasa Mini, Milk Tea
Aykasa Midi, Orchid
Aykasa Mini, Orchid
Aykasa Midi, Baby Blue
Aykasa Midi, Banana
Aykasa Midi, Warm Taupe
Aykasa Midi, Milk Tea
Aykasa Mini, Melon
Aykasa Mini, Coconut Milk
Aykasa Mini, Baby Pink