Unique lifestyle products within interior and fashion. At Collagecph you will find carefully chosen designs matching the recent trends, handmade ceramic, glassware, clothing and jewelry


After a yearlong break on the journal, we are finally back, and a lot has happened since the last time. We have gained many new wonderful followers and therefore we will travel back in time to where it all began. Collagecph started as a small shop on Vendersgade located in the centre of Copenhagen, back then the shop was filled with mainly interior design. Not long after, we moved to our current premises on Læderstræde in the heart of Copenhagen, and oh how we love the vibrant life and the environment around. We created a pastel-colored universe where there was room for even more beautiful works for the home and shortly after, we were finally able to offer beautiful clothing brands as part of our range.
We managed to be a "store" for a year before COVID-19 made us change our many plans for the future, but now we are back and ready to take you around the store, both the seasons' favorites, future projects and much more, will become a regular part of the Collagecph Journal. During our break, we had the opportunity to re-establish ourselves, to find out who and what Collagecph should consist of. We're constantly trying to find new exciting brands to collab with. Therefore, you will see a rainbow of pastels, ceramics in all castings, glasses in colors, clothes from wonderful brands, accessories and candles in all shapes when you visit us in our store and on our website. 
With us you will find the unique and we hope to inspire you. We hope you will follow us on our journey.