Christmas Gifts: 20 Things We Want

Christmas is near and Christmas shopping is well underway out on the streets and alleys. We also feel it in the store and think it is simply so wonderful to be allowed to wrap so many nice gifts that need to be under Christmas trees around the country.

We have collected 20 of our own wishes from the store, maybe it can provide inspiration for your last Christmas gift purchases.

1. Hairbrush from Fan Palm, DKK 399.

Luxurious and delicious hairbrush from Danish Fan Palm in the size medium, which is a good size for most people. The brushes consist of a mixture of soft and gentle wild boar hair and nylon, this combination stimulates the scalp and transports the hair's natural oils into the lengths while giving the hair a natural and shiny finish.

2. Knit in merino wool from Colorful Standard, NOK 699.

We love everything about this knit, it is soft, warm, has a beautiful blood red color and is affordable. Did you know that the brand, which by the way is Danish, owns a factory in Portugal, where they get their products produced? A factory with good conditions for employees and good prices due to the fact that there is no middleman, but that the clothes come directly from factory to store. That's pretty cool, we think!

3. Multi Oil from Ecooking, DKK 159.

We love this oil which can be used for a sea of different purposes, and thus it is indispensable to have in your bathroom cabinet. In addition to ordinary body oil, it can be used, for example, as a hair treatment, makeup remover, in a foot bath and for the care of cuticles.

4. Clay mask from Ecooking, DKK 189.

Wonderful cleansing mask for tired skin - perfect for the Christmas days with time for relaxation.

5. Quilted toiletry bag from Ellies & Ivy, NOK 749.

This quilted toiletry bag is simply too lovely. It is in the most beautiful floral print and then it is extremely spacious, so that there is room for all the necessary beuaty products for the trip.

6. Hammam towel from Algan, DKK 325.

This towel is woven in a solid color pattern and has the finest lavender purple color. In addition, it is really soft - a towel that is very welcome to hang in our bathroom.

7. Eleonora necklace from Hultquist, DKK 700.

This necklace with freshwater pearl is simply so fine, we think. Notice the different but incredibly nice front closure, which gives the necklace a cool look.

8. Ear Stud Pixel Love from LULU Copenhagen, DKK 149.

When we recently held a piercing event with the designer behind LULU Copenhagen, several of us here made an extra hole in the ear. And we agree that this pixel heart fits nicely in an extra hole next to eg some hoops.

9. Soft Touch Lite Bralet from Organic Basics, DKK 349.

This bra from Danish Organic Basics is made of the softest and most comfortable fabric TENCEL ™ Lyocell, which is made from an environmentally friendly wood pulp from Eucalyptus trees that has been refined into a soft, sustainable thread. A result that feels softer than silk and smoother than cotton.

10. Alicia Hair clip from Pico, DKK 45.

A simple but really nice hair clip from Pico. And at an extremely affordable price, so you could perhaps well afford to wish for more at once :)

11. Valencia Dress from Ellies and Ivy, DKK 1,599.

The finest dress with ruffles from Danish Ellies & Ivy. It is made of a traditional hand-woven Indian fabric in cotton and a silver thread gives the dress a festive look.

12. Perfume from 2787 Perfumes, DKK 799.

This one is without a doubt one of the best perfumes we have ever smelled. It is fresh and powerful at the same time - a perfume that can be used for any occasion.

13. Scarf in cashmere from WUTH Cashmere, DKK 1,599.

The softest scarf in 100% premium fine cashmere. We want one in a classic color such as this in gray or one in camel, so it can be used season after season.


14. Rainy Petit Hoops multi from Pico, DKK 199.

These earrings are some of Pico's biggest sellers, and we understand that. They are really nice in this multi-colored variant, but are also available in variants with solid-colored stones for a more classic look.

15. Kinfolk Table, $ 329.

If you like to cook and prepare food, then you should like us put this book from Kinfolk on the wish list. It is full of recipes and inspiration for inviting and tasty food.

16. Vita Notebook from Notem, DKK 69.

Who can not use an extra notebook? At least we can do that, and this fine case with golden stripes is therefore on our wish list.

17. Glass from Kodanska, SEK 139.

The most beautiful, mouth-blown water glasses from Danish Kodanska. They come in many colors, and are so nice to combine.

18. Wonderland no. 02 Poster from Hein Studio, DKK 349.

Danish Rebecca Hein from Hein Studio has made the nicest collection of posters, and it was actually a bit difficult to choose just one from here. The choice fell on this one, which is a print of an original, hand-cut papercut.

19. Galleria Poster from Nynne Rosenvinge, DKK 349.

We want this graphic poster from Nynne Rosenvinge, in neutral colors so that it can be included in most of the home's spaces or in a larger context on, for example, a picture wall.

20. Alfred Lid jar from Ania Design Studio, DKK 299.

A nice, small lid jar, which is perfect for storing jewelry in. In addition, it is just nice to have standing in the bathroom - what is better than practical and neat in one?