Longing for summer!

Longing for summer!


The weather in Denmark points to the colder months are getting close, but we’re already missing summer and everything that goes with sunny days and beaches. Luckily, we’re not quite there yet! The danish summer does sometimes surprise, or maybe you’re even so lucky to still have vacation left? Regardless, we miss the summer, and the summer of 2022 may not come fast enough. Till then, here are some items that can be used through the entire year and give us the feeling of summer, even when it’s at the coldest.


Sunglasses, an item that is useful all year long, so remember to always carry them around. We always forget, that after rain comes the sun. So, when the sun brightly peaks through the snowy clouds, that’s where we who leaves the sunglasses at home for next summer, misses them the most. In our store and online, you can find the coolest sunglass brand A. Kjærbede.


Dresses, who doesn’t love a pretty dress. Maybe you’re not a fan of stockings underneath or think it’s still too cold. Try a pair of jeans underneath! It keeps you warm and you’re able to wear our favorite dress all year long!


We hope you have had or are having the most amazing summer